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Fee Structure for Academic Year 2020 – 2021

Amount in AED

Fee One time  
Registration 105 Non-Refundable & Non-Adjustable – Fee including VAT
Tuition Fee
Grades Ministry Approved Yearly Annual Fee Discount 2020-21 Discounted Tuition Fee 1st Instalment 2nd Instalment 3rd Instalment
KG 1 8,000 5,750 500 (300) 5,950 1,925 2,300 1,725
KG 2 8,000 5,750 500 (300) 5,950 1,925 2,300 1,725
Grade 1 8,000 5,750 500 (300) 5,950 1,925 2,300 1,725
Grade 2 9,000 5,750 500 (300) 5,950 1,925 2,300 1,725
Grade 3 9,000 6,330 500 (300) 6,530 2,099 2,532 1,899
Grade 4 9,000 6,330 500 (300) 6,530 2,099 2,532 1,899
Grade 5 10,000 6,330 500 (300) 6,530 2,099 2,532 1,899
Grade 6 10,000 7,480 500 (300) 7,680 2,444 2,992 2,244
Grade 7 10,000 7,480 500 (300) 7,680 2,444 2,992 2,244
Grade 8 10,000 7,480 500 (300) 7,680 2,444 2,992 2,244
Grade 9 10,000 8,600 500 (300) 8,800 2,780 3,440 2,580
Grade 10 10,000 8,600 500 (300) 8,800 2,780 3,440 2,580

Easy payment plan:

  1. 1st Term Tuition fee to be paid on monthly basis;
  2. 2nd & 3rd Term Tuition fee & Transportation Fee to be paid in quarterly installments before the term starts
  3. No Fee is charged for the month of July and August
  4. There is No Application fee

Note: Annual Fee (Part of Tuition Fee) – One Time compulsory fee beginning of every year (Non- Refundable & Non-Adjustable)

Registration & Breakfast fee is Non-Refundable & Non-Adjustable.

Fee applicable from 2nd Term

Fee Monthly  
*Breakfast 120 Fees are including VAT
*KG Stay back 150
*Day Boarding (KG) 350
*Day Boarding (Primary) 400

Note: * Optional Services, once opted it is nonrefundable.

Location Ministry Approved

Discounted Fee


Sept-20 to Mar-21

1st Instalment

2nd Instalment

3rd Instalment

Ajman 2,500 2,000 1,400 800 600
Sharjah 3,000 2,500 1,750 1,000 750
Sharjah – Al Nahda 3000 3000 2,100 1,200 900
Dubai – Quasis , Al Nahda 4,000 3,000 2,100 1,200 900
Umm Al Quwain 2,500 2,500 1,750 1,000 750

Our Transport facility Areas:

AJMAN Emirate City, Helio, Yasmeen, Uptown, Jurf, Hamidiya, Ragayib, Rawda, Mowaihath, Al Tallah, Industrial area, Nueemiya, Rashidiya, Rumailah, Corniche, Al Bustan, Musharrif, China Mall.
SHARJAH Al Rumailah, National paints, Al Nahda, Al Taawun, Al Khan, Al Majaz, Al Buhaira, Al Qassimiya, Abu Shagarah, Al Mahattah, Al Yarmouk, Industrial area, Al Gubaibah, Al Halwan, Al Dasman, Al Ramla, Al Fayha, Al Manakh, Al Musallah, Al Mayasaloon, Rolla, Al Mujjarah, Al Nabbah, Al Butina, Al Nassriya, Al Qadisiya, Al Azra, Al Shaab club, Al Mirgab.
Dubai Al Qusais, Al Muhaisnah (RTA), Lulu village, Al Nahda.
UAQ King faisal Road, Al Buttain, Al Salama, Al Hamrah.

Online Fee Payment

You can pay your wards fee by using following modes:

CS Mobile APP:


You can now pay by credit or debit card through a safe and secure online payment gateway powered by Network International that processes hundreds of thousands of secure credit card or debit transactions every day.

  1. Once payment is successful you will receive payment notification from Network International. 
  2. It will take 1 to 3 working days to reflect amount paid in mobile app/SOA. 
  3. Incase amount paid is not reflected on your mobile application you can call 8004448 for complaint.

How it Works:

Al Ansari Exchange

Parents can pay tuition fees through more than 170 branches of Al Ansari Exchange across the UAE, these branches are open from early morning until late at night, saving the time and effort of paying tuition fees in the School campus. Following are the steps for making payment:

  1. Visit any Al Ansari Exchange branch ( 
  2. Give below details at the counter along with the cash:
    1. School Name: City School;
    2. Emirates ID of Parent;
    3. Student Full Name
    4. Student ID
    5. Grade
    6. Mobile number 
  3. Take stamped Receipt before leaving the counter;
  4. Email Scanned copy of receipt to 

It will take 1 to 3 working days to reflect amount paid in mobile app/SOA. 

Al Ansari Exchange call Center Call Center – 600 54 6000


Commercial Bank of Dubai

Cash Deposit / Cash Deposit in CDM Local Funds Transfer

  1. Cash Deposit over the counter in any Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) Branch
  2. Branch List

Local funds transfer 

Add below account number as beneficiary to make Local fund transfer in School account.

Account Name: City School
Account Number: 10 0196 8088
IBAN: AE92 023 0000 0010 0196 8088
Account Type: Current
Currency: AED

Sheikh Rashid Bin Humeed Street,
Near  Ajman Museum, Opposite Ajman Gold Souq, Ajman

Please include the student’s name, ID and grade when making the wire transfer so we can identify the payment.

Following documents to be emailed to  after successful transfer for transaction identification:

  • Transaction reference number
    1. SWIFT message for confirmation of funds transfer.
    2. Screen Shot of Successful transfer 
    3. Bank Receipt 
  • CDM Receipt 
    1. Transfer Mode: Internet Banking \ CDM
    2. Student Full Name
  • Student ID
  • Grade 

It will take 1 to 3 working days to reflect amount paid in mobile app/SOA, receipt will be issued once amount is credited into our account and all the above information is received,


Failure to pay tuition fees or other required fees may result in a loss of the student’s place in the school, withholding of their school reports, references and/or examination results, as well as suspension or expulsion from school.

A student cannot register in next Academic Year until all outstanding balances are cleared. Result Card /Grades /continuation certificate and transfer certificate will not be issued for students who have not met their financial obligations.


The registration fee and re-registration deposit remain non-refundable, while tuition fee refunds follow the Ministry of Education (MOE) Bylaws for Private Education.

Student Withdrawals

All students withdrawing from the school must submit notification of their withdrawal in writing to the admission office. A thirty (30) day notification period is required. Email to class teacher will not be considered as withdrawal or cancellation, parent has to visit admission office to complete cancellation formalities and obtain clearance from accounts department.